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Ángeles  Alcántara Sánchez

Córdoba – 1965

Ángeles Alcántara (Córdoba, 1965) studied Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Seville, completing her training with numerous scholarships and courses in Spain and abroad.

His artistic career has gone through different stages that have marked his work up to the present day. His beginnings were marked by the academic education he received in Seville, working with oil and acrylic painting. In 2005 she began to incorporate paper into her work, creating a personal artistic language through collage and decollage.

Always influenced by her eagerness to investigate, after further studies in silkscreen printing and photography, her work evolves to a more transversal and contemporary approach where the technique used is not what is important. In her work appears a sense of critical search towards social behaviours and non-stereotypical behaviours of the society that surrounds her; always maintaining the sensitivity, the innocence, the nostalgia of what disappears and the freshness of unfinished art.